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For what reason Aren't There Electric Airplanes Yet? It Comes Down to Batteries

Batteries need to get lighter and increasingly proficient before we use them to control vitality chugging planes...

Electric vehicles could accuse in a short time of another sort of battery

Another style of battery could let electric vehicles charge rapidly

 Electric vehicle proprietors...

Electric Arc Caused New York Skyline to Glow Blue

The city that never rests never fully diminishes, either. The night skies of New York City are constantly...

Could a Rusty Bridge Generate Electricity?

Rust film could be utilized to cover floats to produce control for logical gear adrift, or on extensions to make power...

Company Is Using Vintage Seaplanes in Their Quest to Become the First All-Electric Airline

Vancouver-based Harbor Air will before long outfit its great seaplanes with battery-controlled flying engines


Question - 1 : Choose the correct indirect speech- She asked me “Are you happy in your new job?”

a) She asked me if I had been happy in my new job

b) She asked me whether I am happy in my new job

c) She asked me if I have been happy in my new job

d) She asked me if I was happy in my new job

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Question - 2 : আমার কথা বুঝতে পারছ?

a) You are with me?

b) Are you to with me?

c) Are you with me?

d) Are you with me to?

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Question - 3 : বিশ্ব খাদ্য ও কৃষি সংস্থার সদর দপ্তর কোথায় অবস্থিত?

a) রোম

b) লন্ডন

c) প্যারিস

d) জেনেভা

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Question - 4 : তুমি কি কম্পিউটার প্রোগ্রামে ডুবে আছ?

a) You are into computer programming?

b) Are you computer programming into?

c) Are you in computer programming?

d) Are you into computer programming?

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Question - 5 : Many prefer donating money ..... distributing clothes.

a) but

b) to

c) Than

d) without

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Question - 6 : Julia has been ill _three months.

a) about

b) in

c) for

d) Since

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Question - 7 : কোথায় দিন-রাত্রি সর্বত্র সমান ?

a) নিরক্ষরেখায়

b) মেরু অঞ্চলে

c) উওর গোলার্ধে

d) দক্ষিণ গোলার্ধে

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Question - 8 : পাখি সব করে রব রাতি পোহাইল’ পংক্তর রচয়িতা................?

a) কৃষ্ঞচন্দ্র মজুমদার

b) মদনমোহন তর্কালংকার

c) বিহারী লাল

d) রাম নারায়ন তর্করত্ন

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Question - 9 : The verb of the word 'short' is _.

a) shorten

b) Enshort

c) shorted

d) shorting

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Question - 10 : কোনটি সার্থক বাক্যের গুণ নয়?

a) আকাঙ্ক্ষা

b) যোগ্যতা

c) আসত্তি

d) আসক্তি

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